Wednesday, 26 January 2011

transported back to the 60's with the aid of tights....

The Beatles, Biba, Twiggy and of course Mary Quant!! To me they are all synonymous with the 60's
As part of my fashion media and promotion course we have been set the task of styling and taking the photos for a historical photo-shoot....mine being the swinging 60s , with my main inspiration being the bambi-esque Twiggy

Since researching the 60's I have become a little bit obsessed with this fabulous era (even resorting to watching 'the boat that rocked' last night just to get a 'swinging sixties' hit) and when I was in Camden last weekend I managed to source the ear-rings that will make my photo

TWIGGY* - twiggy photo

Below- £1.50 Camden market

And...wait for it.....

Original Mary Quant tights!!!!
Photos will be up next week after the shoot!

the addiction continues....

Smoking, gambling, drugs....lots of people tend to have addictions, and aside from chocolate mine seems to be lip-sticks and nail varnishes. As my friend Hannah pointed out;
'Because you can't buy the buy the make-up'
Oh if only a nail varnish could keep me as warm as an aviator jacket!??

The latest addition to my supply is the aptly named 'art student'
(don't the names of cosmetics make you want to buy more?)
Not quite peach...not quite coral. The perfect colour to lead me into S/S