Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rocking the boat in family history...

Today I'm wearing.....

A cute, lace vintage dress that I picked up at Camden market last year. After I watched the boat that rocked I got a little bit obsessed with the clothing so got really excited when I saw this 'little number' nestled amongst Camden's treasures.

I teamed it with my sister's borrowed/blagged cardigan, leggings and my high-street brogues

This necklace is an heirloom given to me by my Nan. It was my great grandmother's brother's who fought in the 1st world war. He bought it for his fiancée to keep a stamp in it so that she'd write to him while he was away. Sadly he died in action at 18 and his fiancée gave it to my great grandmother's mother....and then it eventually came to be with me. I have noticed that similar necklaces have started to appear on the high-street, but I love how my necklace has a story behind it xoxo

Monday, 20 September 2010

Look left...Look right....forget it! I want it all!!!

The LOOK show last Friday was UH-MAAAZING!

I went, I drank champagne, I drooled over all the clothes and I left a very happy, goody-bag owning lady!

The show kicked off with a champagne reception, with offers of free professional hand massages (courtesy of the lovely people at Jergens), make-overs by Benefit make-up artists, the opportunity to pre-order the new 'it' shoe from office and a photo booth that had...wait for it....a built in air blower!! Yes! that's right, I had my very own L'oreal hair-swishing moment and
loved it!!
The evening then continued with the catwalk show itself. The big players in the high-street sent down their 'must-buy' looks for A/W 2010 to a soundtrack of Katy Perry, Brandon Flowers, Lily Allen etc as the audience lusted after the garments and wished their student loans had gone in early (or was that just me?!).

My surprise favourite looks were actually from New Look....I loved the military coats and ankle boots!

Really loving the short, red military blazer below... I want it!!

After a show that seriously summed up the current season, guests were then treated to exclusive up close and personal, musical sets by Gabriella Cilmi and Xfactor contestant Diana Vickers.

Gorgeous dresses!!!

Celeb spot: Una from 'The Saturdays' with moi

It was an amazing evening oozing with glamour and girly fun...not to mention a fair few celebrities that mingled incognito amongst the commoners. Such a fabulous evening!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Here come the boys...

While out in Cardiff last night, I kept my camera stuck to my hand ready to snap at any opportunity!
In between Jäger-bombs it soon became apparent that it was the boys who caught my attention...whether it was in a good or bad way i will let you decide!?

Love the 'Alpine' knit scarf!

These guys were lovely. They have the sort of look that makes Louis Walsh excited! Very JLS/late 90's boyband. Like a male version of the Sugababes. However, I did like the lead singer's...ooops sorry... I mean the guy in the middle's rodeo neck-tie. It was a little bit jealousy-inducing.
Want it!!!

Someone was channelling Neo just a bit too much!!

His loafers caught my eye!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The LOOK show....

For the next few days I'm going to be in Cardiff.
A 5 hour train journey with serious lack of cookies and a major fear of going to the toilet in case my laptop got stolen resulted in me being quite tetchy when I arrived to say the least. However, this morning the sun was out and the Welsh skies bluer than ever....I hope to hit the town centre at some point today to check out what the Welsh have to offer style-wise.

I have had confirmation of my tickets for 'The LOOK Show' this Friday and am sooooo excited. This may seem anal but I have already worked out what I'm going to be wearing, in fairness I had such little room in my wheelie-case that I was only able to bring exactly what I'm planning on wearing in the next few days.
This resulted in a mini-catwalk show in my bedroom yesterday as I tried to ram more and more 'what if I need a...' items into my already fit-to-burst suitcase.
I decided to take a walk on the wild-side and embrace a leopard print top (hot print for A/W) H&M, Khaki shorts -H&M, lace socks and shoes- New Look.

Monday, 13 September 2010

the word is...Exotic!

For my summer project I have chosen the word 'Exotic'. It instantly flooded my mind with ideas and imagery when I read it (and simply because I like the fact it has an 'X' in it).
Taking inspiration from the colours and costumes I saw at Notting Hill carnival and combining it with textures and the vibrant costumes and staging i recently saw at the West End production of 'The Lion King', I have produced a styled image which I believe sums up my chosen word.
It took hours to create...what a creative way to spend a Monday morning

Sunday, 12 September 2010

blossoming nicely in Worthing...

Today I woke up to a new and dazzling Worthing!!
The sun was blazing and in my ibuprofen-aided state I practically leapt out of bed as if I'd had actual beauty sleep (not 3 hours of drunken shut-eye after a rumbustious house-mate gathering). After being challenged by my all-male ensemble of house mates that I would NOT in fact be able to get ready in time for a much anticipated/needed breakfast, I decided on this little floral number and ribbon edged socks combo. Toughened up with military ankle-boots
(of course)

After breakfast we headed down to the pier and came across an outdoor market with people selling their various trinkets and trades of choice. The lovely lady below was just calling
out for me to take a photo of her...

Loved her cute little display....its was like I was taking a little peek into her home

Friday, 10 September 2010

'LOOK' at me look magazine!

OMG! Yes!!
I was left a very formal sounding answering machine message 2 days ago from a 'LOOK magazine employee saying that I had won two tickets to 'The LOOK show'.
After its hugely successful debut last season, featuring supermodel Erin O’Connor, the trend-setting LOOK Show returns (and after ringing up to check it wasn't some sort of hoax...) I shall be there to enjoy, marvel and report on it....wooo!

The fashion showcase of the latest collections from the high street’s most iconic brands takes place on Friday 17th September during London Fashion week!!
Can't wait!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Notting Hill...home of Caribbean 'crunk'

End of August Bank holiday I headed to 'The Big Smoke' for the weekend. Swapping local beer festivals for Caribbean cuisine and street-side
Costumes= extraordinary
Atmosphere= AMAZING!!
The Notting Hill carnival is the largest festival celebration of it's kind in Europe. 20 miles of West London streets came alive with the most vibrant smells and sounds that i have ever encountered in the UK. With over 1 million carnival revellers the atmosphere blew me away.

Rooftop parties on every corner
and Caribbean street music and pavement disco-techs filled the overflowing streets.

Favourite spot of the day...khaki satchel worn by a carnival reveller on the tube